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Warwick 17/1/15 Empty Warwick 17/1/15

Post  Nick Hudson on Fri Jan 16, 2015 6:13 pm

Gents, here is the team sheet for 17/1/15 vs Warwick,

You should all have your kit with you from training today but if not, drop me a message and I can meet you at the shed in the morning to pick it up.
Bring any playing kit you have and any spares you may have acquired.
Everyone needs to make their own way down so sort out taxis on the Beginners group to be at Duckes, ready to go at 1:15.
Bring plenty of water, boots, food and money for taxis and lets crush them.
If anyone suddenly can't make it tomorrow, message me ASAP to let me know so I can sort out a replacement as there are plenty of boys who are keen to play.

Everyone watch some position specific highlight videos or ideally US match footage to get pumped tonight and tomorrow.

G- Mike Barclay

D- Paddy Dillon-Hatcher
D- Harry Blandford
D- Pete Spear
D- Henry Godding
D- Simon Helmig

M- Ciaran Brown
M- Alex Harper
M- Harrison Kruger
M- Callum Mcl-Stewart
M- Ellery Tucker
M- Matt Prifti
M- Lawrence Mays-Chandler
M- Seb Lechanoire
M- Elliot Heim

A- Gustav Martinsson
A- Matt Pass
A- Carlos Spingardi
A- Alex Russell
A- Ali Uwins

Ref: Matt King

See you all tomorrow,

Hudson x
Nick Hudson
Nick Hudson

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